Born in West Virginia (no, not western Virginia; West Virginia is its own state, believe it or not,) Morgan spent their time growing up writing out all the stories about the voices in their head, knowing one day that these two things would plague them to the end of their days.Now a resident of Dallas, Texas, they are working hard toward their career as a writer and voice actor to quell the persistent noise plaguing their mind.

• Neumann TLM103
Interfaces & Preamps
• Solid State Logic SSL2
Internet Speed
• 80mbps download
• 11.5mbps upload
• Adobe Audition
• Source Connect Standard

A recording setup. Headphones sit on a microphone stand that holds a Neumann TLM103 microphone. A small audio interface sits on a raised desk. Adobe Audition is on a monitor showing a recently recorded waveform.
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